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Blue Skies


We aren't your Average salon team, which is great because you aren't an average stylist.

Growing Future Leaders

Core Values

1.uplift the community/ stylist 

2.Prioritize excellenCommunication

3.value time with others and yourself others as you love yourself

5.have Integrity

6.Just because your different live your truth



We believe in quality of life, and flexibility so we are proud to offer you an innovative work schedule to accommodate our employees’ physical and emotional well-being. It’s called our signature 2,3,4  scheduling. meaning all of our employees work 16-32 hours a week. This promotes a healthier work-lifestyle.

Who We Are

Coastal Color Salon and Boutique is focused on creating an ultimate guest experience. We are a  method that follows a clearly defined path innovative where the income potential is Unlimited. that has been tried and tested in successful salons throughout the country. Our goal is to support and encourage you to reach your goals, and create a successful stable career path to help you have a good quality of life.


Our Programs are comprehensive hands-on experience that provides training in the areas of technical skills, in house training and business building base on your endery level. Our programs have you grow into a financially, successfully career hairdresser.  Program has a performance based level system. 

The salon provides an environment for growth!

Multi-Level Pricing

Our salon company  offers six levels of pricing to guests. We refer to the demographics of our community to set pricing. Employees are placed in levels based on the demand of their time. This ensures that each service provider earns promotions through guest retention, hence strategically aligning our service provider’s goals with the company’s goals.  


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